About Me

Hey guys!
My name is Anisha. It means ‘eternal’, a lot of people find it fascinating but the fact that – we’re all human beings and going to die, contradicts everything my name is.
I am seventeen years old and really new at blogging. But basically you can expect rants about my life and everything that I write and also click photos at times.
I’m an ambivert and sometimes I might be the socially awkward penguin of the room while meeting new people. Or go on and on about something and can’t stop until I completely explain myself. I have trouble expressing myself. I have trouble letting people into my life but if I do, I have trouble letting them go. I am afraid of the dark, being replaced and not being enough. I have an existential crisis almost everyday.
I love music, watching YouTubers. I love winters and snow. And just like snowflakes we’re all unique and perfect with our own flaws. We just have to try and accept it.
Thankyou 🙂